LSSG Website – closing down on 4th January 2020

For over 25 years, the Luxembourgish Schools Support Group (or “LSSG”) has provided information in English on the Luxembourgish education system as well as practical help for parents of any nationality with children in the state schools.  We were not experts, but a group of volunteer parents who tried to support other parents in similar situations.  Our objective was not to change the Luxembourgish education system, but to explain it so that parents could understand the differences between schools in Luxembourg and the ones they had experienced.  In this way, parents were able to do the best for their children so that they could obtain the maximum benefit from their schooling. 

Throughout the years, we have organised and hosted annual information evenings, alternating between the Primary and Secondary (Lycée) School systems, where we invited local experts to speak. We set up and maintained this website to provide information to parents. We produced information packs on the Primary and Secondary school systems in Luxembourg, which were updated regularly made available under ‘Resources’ on our website. Our volunteers were also available to answer questions by telephone or by email on to help direct parents towards the correct contacts.

In the last few years, the Luxembourg state school offering has greatly increased with many new international public schools and programmes opening up, making it more difficult for our volunteers to be completely up-to date with all the new developments. In addition, the amount of information available to parents in English has greatly increased on both public and private websites and the number of direct enquiries we have received have decreased to such a point that we believe that there is no longer a need for our continued service. We have therefore decided to close down the LSSG group and this website from 4th January 2020.

We are proud to have been able to serve the local English-speaking community since our inception in 1993 and would like to thank all the volunteers, who over the years have made such a difference to so many parents and children.
Kind regards,
The LSSG Committee